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GUETTA HAS BROKEN his silence for the first time on his tumultuous resignation from the Knesset following his attendance of his gay nephew’s wedding. “The fact spiteful people presented it as if I attended some gay party in Tel Aviv is pure maliciousness. It wasn’t about homosexuality at all. It was about the value of family,” Guetta said in talks with fellow politicians.

Guetta also spoke about how the affair was first made public. “I was interviewed on Army Radio: ‘How can you have a daughter who’s a singer and you back and embrace her?’

“I replied, ‘It’s true she’s doing something that goes against both my worldview and the Torah, but she’s still my daughter, and when it comes to family you have to pull closer, not push away. Those are the values I was brought up on.’

“And on the same topic, I told him the story about my sister, whose son had this sort of wedding, but it was my sister and I couldn’t shun her. It was about the value of family.”

FULL STORY Israeli politician: Visiting gay nephew’s wedding was not about homosexuality, but family (Ynet)

Photo: Effi Sharir

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