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The White House has announced that in the week commencing 21 May, president Trump will meet ‘leaders from across the Muslim world’ in Saudi Arabia, visit Israel (possibly making a speech at Masada), meet Abbas again, possibly in Bethlehem, and then visit the Pope in Rome (a place, Trump said, that ‘my cardinals [sic] love very much’). Trump will also visit NATO and G7 summits in Brussels and Sicily this month.

Abbas unleashes adulation and flattery to win Trump over – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 03.05.17
Israeli right-wingers should start worrying because the president’s immense ego might succumb to the Palestinian ploy.

Is Trump visiting Israel to praise Bibi – or to bury him? – J. J. Goldberg – The Forward 02.05.17
When Donald Trump visits Israel later this month, as he reportedly will do, he has much to potentially gain and little to lose. The reverse is true of his host, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

And see: A Trump peace initiative in offing?

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