Israel’s settlement law: from occupation to annexation?


Does the settlements law have a prayer of getting past the High Court? – Yonah Jeremy Bob – The Jerusalem Post 08.02.17
Most legal experts believe the High Court will exercise a rarely used (and less than clearly defined) power of judicial review to strike the law down. But if Israel annexed the West Bank, the entire old framework and prior High Court rulings might become obsolete.

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Israel’s settlement law: from occupation to annexation – Meron Rapoport – Middle East Eye 09.02.17
Even if the Israeli High Court invalidates this confiscation law, the history of the legislation tells the story of the changing political map of Israel: how ideas which only a few years ago seemed radical and fringe have now moved into the mainstream.

Is Netanyahu counting on Israel’s High Court to save him? – Akiva Eldar – Al-Monitor 09.02.17

The Court’s duty – Haaretz Editorial 08.0217
Leftists are calling for human rights organisations to avoid petitioning the court to overturn the law, so the government is forced to deal with the rotten fruit of its extremist policy. But Israel, and the entire Zionist project, need the Court to blot out the shame of this law.


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