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Many of the following comments and warnings apply also to ill-informed hate speech against Israeli human rights NGOs like Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem being circulated, encouraged or tolerated by some in the Australian Jewish leadership and community, with no mention of the fact that the same NGOs have been vigorously defended by leading Israelis across the political spectrum, including former Shin Bet, police and army chiefs.

Netanyahu’s war on NGOs puts Israel in bad company – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 26.04.17
Government campaign against human rights groups casts it as another Russia, China or Pakistan.

Chief Justice Naor: Without restraint, the majority is liable to become tyranny – Itamar Eichner & Tova Tzimuki – Ynetnews 27.04.17
‘Human rights are vital to our Jewish and democratic state. Human rights are the soul of democracy, as without them there is no democracy. This is the most important lesson that we must learn from the darkest chapter in our people’s history.’

B’Tselem doesn’t take orders from Netanyahu. Nor does the world – Hagai El-Ad – Haaretz 26.04.17
An entire army of politicians and judges, PR flacks and diplomats, prison guards and Shin Bet security service agents, police officers and soldiers, bureaucrats and clerks is invested in the occupation. And still, Netanyahu is afraid.

Israel’s poisonous political discourse – Nadav Eyal – Ynetnews 25.04.17
One of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s great ‘contributions’ to the Israeli discourse is turning the definition of ‘left’ into a curse, an accusation and a condemnation, and turning any legitimate argument into an identity conflict.

And see:

Retired Shin Bet chiefs and Police chief break their silence in defence of rights group

Jerusalem art gallery owner refuses to vacate, cites freedom of speech – Daniel K Eisenbud – The Jerusalem Post 25.04.17
Masha Zuslam’s lawyer claims that the city eviction notice is due to his hosting of a left-wing lecture from the NGO Breaking the Silence.

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