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TV host’s spotlight comes ahead of an international conference on medicalised cannabis in Tel Aviv next month

Bill Nye thinks Israel is leading the world in medical marijuana research (Forward)
In a recent episode of US TV show Bill Nye Saves the World, Nye sends a correspondent to Israel for a segment called “How is Israel healing the world with marijuana.” The company Tikun Olam operates the largest cannabis farm in Israel, and it’s licensed by the Israeli government

Bill Nye highlights Israel as the world epicentre of medical cannabis research (No Camels)
Bill Nye, the American science educator known to almost every North American 90s kid from the show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” which ran from 1993 to 1998, has a new series and it features an ode to Israel’s ground-breaking medical marijuana research.

Cannatech international conference in Israel in March
Photo: Forward

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