It’s NOT ‘us’ and ‘them’


Uri Avnery: ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ – Jewish Business News 30.04.16
Today’s Israeli reality means that there is not the slightest chance to remove the Right from power if it is not faced with a united and resolute Left which is based on Jewish-Arab partnership.
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And see:

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies
“Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.”
Slogan on T-shirts worn by workers at the famous Arab family-owned Abulafia bakery in Jaffa, as seen in photo in Maariv. On the back of the T-Shirt are symbols of the Cross, Crescent and Star of David. Abulafia has been baking bread since 1879 in the ancient port of Jaffa. The family set up the ‘Abulafia Coexistence Association’, which does good works for Jews, Christians and Muslims – ‘We have been around long enough to know that nothing but co-existence is the solution to this conflict.”

And this is how the Abulafia family bakery came to close every year for Passover:
On 29.04.16, Harry Aaron Mendelsohn posted the following on the Abulafia bakery Facebook page:
Abulafia bakery an Arab owned bakery in Jaffa closes on Passover:
SAID ABULAFIA: “45 years ago we had a neighbour located next to our bakery called Rabbi Zalman who owned a shoe factory. The Rabbi was hurt to see the lines of Jews at the entrance of our bakery on the Jewish Passover and decided to give a tempting offer to my grandfather, the late Said (I’m named after him). The Rabbi asked my grandfather Said how much money did he earn on Passover and my grandfather replied that a week of work was the cost of an apartment in Jaffa (at that time). The Rabbi offered my grandfather that if he closes the bakery on Passover he will pay him back the money he would have made if the bakery were opened. My Grandpa agreed and that same week he closed the bakery, made renovations and enjoyed his freedom. Every year since, a week before Passover, Rabbi Zalman would come with the money and Grandpa would close during Passover. On the Sixth year, grandfather went to Rabbi Zalman (before the Rabbi came to pay him) and said to the Rabbi that his bakery received such a blessing the rest of the year due to the fact that they close on Passover so from now on he will close on Passover free of charge! Since then, we are continuing the tradition of my grandfather (Said died before I was born, unfortunately).”


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