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No Jewish majority between Jordan River and sea, says ‘national demographer’ – Yaniv Pohoryles – Ynetnews 16.10.16
Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, who has visited almost every Jewish community in the world and is considered an international authority in Jewish demography research, is concerned by studies suggesting that the core of the Jewish people is shrinking. He also presents some challenging conclusions about the Jewish majority between the Jordan and the sea and within the Green Line.

And see: Why Israeli occupation of the West Bank is reversible – Akiva Eldar – Al-Monitor 13.10.16
New data shows that the settlements in the West Bank are not an irreversible situation, and that most of the population growth in settlements is due to births – not immigration of Israelis into the settlements. While it seems that the heart of the Israeli people is indeed on the right, at least according to opinion polls, its feet are planted deep on the left side of the map of the land of Israel. After 50 years, the settler population in the West Bank is no more than 4.4% of the ‘Israeli people’ (the Jewish population) and only 13% of the West Bank population.


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