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Camille Paglia on Jews and feminism – Tablet Magazine 15.03.17
A dialogue with Adam Kirsch, about her new collection ‘Free Women, Free Men’. ‘What I got from Jewish-American culture was a revolutionary fervour for political and institutional reform, totally outside the otherwise wonderfully rich legacy of rural Italian tradition.’

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The false choice between Zionism and feminism – Andrew Silow-Carroll – JTA 14.03.17
A basic principle of coalition building is putting aside disagreements on specific issues to work together on the things you can agree on. In this case, Jews and Muslims have a mutual self-interest in standing up to bigotry, even if they disagree on some major issues. It’s not clear if Linda Sarsour accepts this principle.

Does feminism have room for Zionists? – Emily Shire – The New York Times 07.03.17

Sarsour and the Left-Right conspiracy: did The Nation lie? If so, why? – David Seidenberg –The Times of Israel 16.03.17
Did Linda Sarsour say that you can’t be a feminist and a Zionist? No, she didn’t. The International Women’s Strike platform, however, is another matter.

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