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Analyses differ over where the Prime Minister’s shock decision reflects more or less influence for Iran in the region, with implications for Israel’s security

Is Saudi Arabia pushing Israel into war with Hezbollah and Iran? (Haaretz)
DANIEL SHAPIRO What connects Lebanese PM Saad Hariri’s sudden resignation and Hezbollah’s assassination threat with Saudi Arabia and Israel? It’s all about Iran

With Hariri’s resignation, Lebanon now a full on Iranian proxy for all to see (Times of Israel)
Lebanese PM’s decision to step down comes as little surprise, given his father’s fate when he fell afoul of Hezbollah and its patrons in Tehran and Damascus

After Hariri’s resignation, what’s next for Lebanon? (Al-Monitor)
Saad Hariri, in Saudi Arabia, resigns as Lebanon’s prime minister, leaving observers to wonder why and speculate about Lebanon’s future

Prime Minister Hariri’s resignation threatens Iranian grip on Lebanon (Haaretz)
Saad Hariri’s exit reflects a Saudi ultimatum not only to stop compromising with Hezbollah, but also to resign and put the militia and Tehran in a bind

In dramatic shake up, Saudi king fires slew of princes from government posts (i24News)
King Salman blasted those who ‘abused public money without fear of religion, conscience, morals or patriotism’

Photo: Hussain Malla (AP)

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