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Netanyahu, the left right divide, politics of the day – #auspol live 24.02.17
Podcast [63:39]: Denise Shrivell talks to Alex Tselios, publisher of The Big Smoke, and Robin Margo, editor-in-chief of Plus61J, about the Israeli prime minster’s visit, BDS, why some people in Australia are protesting, and brain structure correlates for the left right divide. [Livecast audio – became patchy sometimes but recovers each time]

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Netanyahu visit: hundreds protest in Sydney over visit by Israeli PM – Peter Beaumont – The Guardian 23.02.17
Crowd of 650 people gathers in city centre, waving placards and flags in protest at Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit.

Young Jewish Australians are protesting the Israeli PM’s visit to Australia – Osman Faruqi – Junkee 23.02.17

Israel admits it needs progressives in fight against BDS June 21, 2017

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