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How many settlers really live in the West Bank? Haaretz investigation reveals – Yotam Berger – Haaretz 14.06.17
Over the last 30 years, eight new settlements have been built and Israeli population in West Bank grew by 330,000. The settlements, from 1967 till today – an in-depth analysis.

I’m a 90-year-old woman who has lived in Israel for 50 years – here is what I think about Israeli settlements – Ruth Kedar – Independent 12.06.17
Since I witnessed their beginnings half a century ago, the settlements have only got worse. The size and scale is something I can’t get over… It took decades for the immorality of occupation to sink in.

New Zealand PM: We didn’t apologize to Israel, we stand by UN anti-settlement resolution – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 14.06.17
In clarification, New Zealand premier says his country was only voicing regret at diplomatic schism its support for the resolution caused, not for supporting the resolution.

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