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Questioning of Breaking the Silence spokesman meant to silence Israeli army whistleblowers – Amos Harel – Haaretz 25.06.17
Mistreatment of Palestinians is an inseparable part of Israel’s military presence in the territories; efforts to undermine this claim are bound to fail. As an observer of more than 20 years – after military service in the territories, and from extended reserve duty there – I can state with a degree of confidence that Issacharoff is not alone.

Justice minister’s attacks on Breaking the Silence may just backfire – Orly Noy – +972 Magazine 24.06.17
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s latest crusade has led to a Breaking the Silence spokesperson being questioned under caution. But if she’s so concerned about army abuses against Palestinians, why isn’t she ordering an investigation into the string of unlawful killings carried out by soldiers?

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Before dismantling democracy, Israeli right breaks rule of law – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz
Police probe of Breaking the Silence spokesman is part of overall campaign to politicise Israel’s legal system. Instead of exporting democracy to the West Bank, Netanyahu and his coalition are increasingly importing repression into Israel proper.

Statement by 18 Israeli human rights organisations of solidarity with Breaking the Silence 25.06.17


Retired Shin Bet chiefs and Police chief break their silence in defence of rights group

Azaria appeal claims many IDF soldiers did worse without being tried

No charges for killing of pregnant Palestinian and her young brother

When Palestinians are wrongly killed

Palestinian teen shot while running away

IDF ‘mistakenly’ kills Palestinian boy, injures others

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