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PROFESSOR MATTHIAS HENZE says the source for the Christian Messiah’s faith is best explained after looking at the Second Temple era, when Judaism and Christianity overlapped

When Rice University religion professor Matthias Henze visits local Houston-area churches and synagogues to promote interfaith understanding between Christianity and Judaism, he focuses on discussing one particular time period: the four-to-five-century gap between the Old and New Testaments.

According to Henze, the “gap centuries” between the fourth century BCE and the first century CE are crucial to understanding that there may be less of a chasm between the two religions than many people might think. He contends that Hebrew religious texts from this period, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, helped influence Jesus, whom he describes as a Jew who practiced the Judaism of his day.

FULL STORY Jesus was more Jewish than you think, says Bible professor (Times of Israel) 

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