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In a video [2:54] released on 25.07.16 in both Hebrew and English with Arabic subtitles, PM Netanyahu addressed Israel’s Arab citizens, apologising for his March 2015 election day comment that ‘the Arabs are voting in droves,’ and encouraging Arab integration into Israeli economy and society. The following day, MK Ayman Odeh, Chair of the Joint List, issued a video [2:24] in response in which he also expressed pride in Arab society and encouraged Arab integration in Israeli society— but pointed out that this is despite the discrimination they face daily.

See both videos here (Netanyahu in English; Odeh in Hebrew but click fourth YouTube icon from bottom right to show subtitles)

For more textual account see: Top Arab MK rebuffs Netanyahu: We’ve succeeded, no thanks to you – The Times of Israel 26.07.16
In video response to Netanyahu’s clip, Joint (Arab) List leader demands equal rights, says community doesn’t want to live in ‘racist, occupying’ country.

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