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After tens of thousands march in protest rally, PM asks for redrafting of bill that would stop police from recommending charges after investigations

After public outcry, Netanyahu backtracks on police silencing bill (Haaretz)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu announced on Sunday that he has asked lawmakers to devise a new draft for the police silencing bill so that it will not apply to the ongoing investigations against him.

His announcement comes a day after tens of thousands of people rallied in protest on Saturday night in Tel Aviv against the bill and government corruption, and against the backdrop of growing criticism against the bill.

Some 20,000 turn out in Tel Aviv for anti-corruption ‘march of shame’ (Times of Israel)
Hundreds more rally against Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Haifa over graft probes, slam police recommendations bill critics say is meant to shield PM

Coalition chairman denies resignation reports in wake of graft probe (Times of Israel)
Netanyahu confidant David Bitan set to be questioned by police a second time in a widening corruption probe in Rishion Lezion city officials

Ehud Barak: We must save Israel from its government (New York Times)
For all of Israel’s great achievements in its seven decades of statehood, our country now finds its very future, identity and security severely threatened by the whims and illusions of the ultranationalist government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In its more than three years in power, this government has been irrational, bordering on messianic. It is now increasingly clear where it is headed: creeping annexation of the West Bank aimed at precluding any permanent separation from the Palestinians.

The government realises that carrying out its one-state plan must entail steps and practices that necessarily clash with Israeli and international law — which is why it has effectively declared war on the Supreme Court of Israel, the free press and civil society, as well as the Israel Defence Forces’ ethical code.

This disrespect for the rule of law permeates other aspects of the government, too.

Photo: Protests against Israeli government corruption on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Blvd, on Saturday night (Meged Gozany)

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