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Politicians and public mount protests at government corruption as PM lashes out at the media intense scrutiny

When power and greed get out of hand 
The big question surrounding the submarine affair is the role Netanyahu played. If he knew nothing, again, his competence is questionable; if he did know, holy cow. Either way, the familiar moment is approaching Israelis tell their leaders: We’re sick of your corruption (Ynet, July 13).

From a small Petah Tikva square to a nationwide protest
An aerospace engineer, a disabled man, a midwife, and a former air force pilot are just some of the Israelis who have had enough of bottling up their criticism against governmental corruption and the attorney general’s handling of the Netanyahu investigations (Ynet, July 10)

Beleaguered Netanyahu lashes out at media
‘We are in the midst of an unprecedented media campaign aimed at tarnishing me with empty accusations,’ prime minister says. ‘I will not turn the other cheek, I want to return a few slaps of my own’ (Haaretz, July 14)

Adelson’s testimony reportedly contradicts Netanyahu’s defence in media collusion affair
American supporter told Israeli police that Netanyahu had discussed with him a matter of economic importance that came up in the PM’s talks with media mogul Arnon Mozes (Haaretz, July 16)


Netanyahu confidant revealed as suspect detained in submarine graft probe

Netanyahu failed to reveal full list of conflict of interest and hid ties with moguls

Former finance minister says submarine scandal worst graft case in Israeli history


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