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While the PM waves the leaked tapes away as youthful hubris, the revelations are likely to focus renewed attention on the gas deal and increase distrust of the family

Netanyahu’s ‘family values’ (Al-Monitor)
BEN CASPIT The recent scandal involving Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, renews questions about the Israeli leader’s handling of a lucrative natural gas deal

Netanyahu’s son ‘sorry’ for boasts about gas deal outside strip club (Guardian)
Israeli prime minister also issues statement after continued fallout over leaked taped and use of official driver and bodyguard

Yair Netanyahu’s night of debauchery revealed in bombshell recordings (Times of Israel)
Younger Netanyahu heard asking his friend, a gas tycoon’s son, for NIS 400 for strippers, saying he owed him for US$20 billion deal advanced by PM

Repulsive and troubling: Yair Netanyahu’s strip club tapes (Haaretz)
YOSSI VERTER Yair Netanyahu’s strip club comments will undoubtedly increase the level of disgust with the prime minister’s family, even among his most diehard fans

Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu with son Yair on a trip to the western wall in 2015 (AFP)

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