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Netanyahu’s tactic to date has been either to provide excited approval for Trump’s actions or to say nothing. His meeting with Trump is scheduled for 15 February.

Netanyahu is getting Trumpier and Trumpier – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 31.01.17
The Israeli prime minister views the new US president as a role model – and potential lifesaver.

Netanyahu must not be Donald Trump’s yes-man – David Horovitz – The Times of Israel 30.01.17

Former US envoy blasts Netanyahu for backing Mexico border wall: Trump squeezing him hard
– Allison Kaplan Sommer – Haaretz 28.01.17
Daniel Shapiro says he’s ‘sickened’ by Trump’s immigration policy, criticises Netanyahu for his support for the US president’s agenda.

Mexican Jews voice wall-to-wall outrage over Netanyahu tweet – Rich Tenorio & AFP – The Times of Israel 31.01.17
As PM lauds efficacy of Israeli barrier, Jewish community south of the US border pans him as Trump’s ‘lackey’.

Anti-Trump protests hit Israel – Arutz Sheva 29.01.17
Protestors condemn Trump’s immigration ban, Netanyahu’s refugee policies & support for Mexican wall. Incudes video [0:54] and 9 photographs.

As tensions flare, Netanyahu says Trump wall tweet wasn’t about Mexico
– Marissa Newman – The Times of Israel 30.01.17
PM accuses ‘left-wing, Bolshevik’ media of manufacturing crisis with ‘fake news’.

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