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Netanyahu visit historic – and potentially fraught – for Australia – Tony Walker – The Conversation 17.02.17
Netanyahu is captive to the right wing of his coalition. But that’s his problem not Canberra’s. Australia should tell Netanyahu that irrespective of obfuscations that he might employ about his commitment, or otherwise, to a two-state solution, it remains committed to such an outcome, and not just committed, it cannot see any other reasonable alternative.

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Bill Shorten pressured to commit Labor to diplomatic recognition of Palestine – Katharine Murphy 15.02.17
Bob Carr and Gareth Evans say Benjamin Netanyahu’s settlement building risks creating conditions for ‘apartheid state’ in Israel

Kevin Rudd calls for Australia to formally recognise Palestinian state – Julia Holman 17.02.17

Julie Bishop reaffirms Australian government’s support for two-state solution after Donald Trump’s bombshell –  Fergus Hunter – The Sydney Morning Herald 19.02.17

If Bibi must visit then let’s ask him the tough questions – Shahar Burla – Plus61J 11.02.17

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