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The Hungarian government’s announcement that it will remove posters denouncing Hungarian-born Jewish tycoon George Soros before the PM’s arrival in the country does not mitigate his scandalous behaviour

Israel sides with anti-Semites
The more nationalistic Israel becomes, the more its affection will grow for those who promote nationalism and xenophobia, even if they are anti-Semites, as seen in Netanyahu’s dealings with Hungary’s government (Haaretz, July 13)

On Netanyahu’s orders: Foreign Ministry retracts criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and slams Soros
A day after Israel’s ambassador harshly called on the Hungarian PM to remove posters against the Jewish billionaire, the Foreign Ministry backtracks, says George Soros constantly undermines Israel’s governments (Haaretz, July 10)

Demonisation of Soros recalls anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of yore
Elected officials are attributing all manner of sins to Soros, a political strategy that seems aimed at de-legitimizing projects that Soros has supported (AP/Haaretz, July 10)

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