New move to mitigate divisions in Israeli society


Launching social movement, former IDF chiefs deny political ambition – Marissa Newman – The Times of Israel 03.04.17
Goal of ‘Pnima’ is to mend Israel’s social fabric, bring ‘an end to the divisions, an end to the incitement, an end to the baseless hatred’

Rift between right, left in Israel reaches new heights – Mazal Mualem – Al-Monitor 04.04.17
A new study — “Stop Dismantling, Start Putting Together,” presented April 3 by the leaders of Pnima (Inside/Inwards) to mark the launch of their new movement — suggests that the right’s campaign to delegitimize the left has been effective.

Torn asunder: 22.5% of Jews think leftists are dangerous – Telem Yahav – Ynet News 03.04.17
New study presents a grim reality regarding hatred between different groups of Israeli society; more than half of the citizens of Israel believe Israeli Arabs are dangerous, frightening and unreliable; findings also show that 60% think Haredim are exploiting the country.

And see: President Rivlin – the ‘new Israeli order’
Israel, Rivlin said, is fast becoming a tribal state composed of four groups – secular Jews, religious Zionist Jews (also called national religious), ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews and Arabs, all of them fearful, hostile to one another and even to members of their own group


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