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Prominent Ara writer Sayed Kashua says it’s too pro-Israeli, while Israelis object to billboards in Arabic promoting the highly anticipated second series

At Least Let Us Hate Fauda (Haaretz)
SAYED KASHUA In the Israeli TV series there are no rulers or ruled, no occupation, no historical background, no checkpoints, no poverty, no home demolitions, no expulsions, settlers or violent soldiers

This is neither a television review nor an attempt to criticise the morality of the television series Fauda and the feeling of superiority that accompanies every Israeli producer who is convinced that he can speak in the name of Arabs as easily as he can impersonate an Arab by wearing cheap clothes, growing a beard and dyeing it black.
In general, Israeli movies and television, whether highbrow or for the masses, have always served the ruling Israeli discourse.

Finding the fun in chaos on season two of Fauda (Jerusalem Post)
The new season picks up a year or two after the first one ended and if you worried that the it wouldn’t be able to live up to its predecessor in terms of nearly non-stop action, you can relax.

Fauda ads in Arabic spook Israelis, spark calls for billboards to be removed (Haaretz)
Ad campaign for new season of TV drama included signs in Arabic only without Hebrew translations, and two mayors want them taken down

Fauda Season 2 First Look – in Melbourne and Sydney on January 28

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