No pathways to protection for asylum seekers sent to Nauru, PNG, Christmas Island


UN refugees summit: Operation Sovereign Borders under global scrutiny – Claudia Tazreiter – The Interpreter/Lowy Institute 19.09.16
The policies of off-shore processing and detention and the interdiction and push-back of boats have cost Australia an estimated AUD $9.5 billion since 2013. This is more than the total budget of the UNHCR to tackle refugee problems globally for this year. Alternatives to these policies have often been proposed to the Australian government.

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6-year-old sends Obama inspiring message about Syrian refugee – Aliyah Frumin – NBC News 22.09.16
Sometimes it takes a child’s simple sincerity to put things in perspective. In this case, a 6-year-old American boy who sent a heart-rending message to President Obama did just that.

Ex judge offers body swap with refugee on Manus or Nauru
September 3, 2016


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