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The leader is worried. He grows tetchy. Investigations are closing in on him. Former aides, even a family member, are suspected of corrupt dealings with a foreign company. He gets irritable, lashes out at “the left” and the “fake news media.” He claims there is a “witch hunt,” and raves about “a coup.” His tolerance for dissent is zero.

Netanyahu’s no-state solution (New York Times)
No democracy can be immune to running an undemocratic system of oppression for a half-century in territory under its control. Israel was conceived as a state of laws. If it is not, it betrays its 1948 founding charter. This commits the nascent state to “freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel.”

Photo: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, center left, at a meeting in Jerusalem this month (Debbie Hill)

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