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The landmark vote is not binding but will put pressure on the Federal ALP to change its long-standing position on Israel and the Palestinians

NSW Labor urges next ALP federal government to recognise Palestine (SMH)
The NSW Labor conference has passed what is being hailed as a “historic” motion that urges the next federal Labor government to recognise Palestine. The motion, put by former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr, passed the conference on Sunday night (July 30)

NSW Labor conference backs recognition of Palestine and two-state solution (Guardian)
Delegates urge next federal Labor government to recognise the state in move likely to influence the outcome at the party’s national conference (July 30)

Bill Shorten reiterates support for two-state solution after NSW Labor Palestinian motion (ABC)
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has avoided supporting unilateral recognition of Palestine as a state, saying acknowledgement should be part of a two-state solution (July 31)

Recognising Palestine ‘in Australia’s interests’, envoy says (SBS)
Australia has a moral obligation as a global “middle power” to recognise Palestinian statehood, the Palestinian territories’ envoy to Australia has said (July 31)

Resolution on Israel-Palestinian conflict passed by NSW State ALP Conference (ECAJ)
Clearly, Israel still has many friends within the ALP and they are to be applauded for ensuring that Bob Carr’s original motion was significantly amended before it was passed (July 30)

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