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An occasional series to assist sufferers from occupation blindness and denial. Nothing that unusual, just snapshots of everyday life in the 50th year of a military occupation that has impacts also within the Green Line.

WATCH: Conference on 50 years of occupation – Israel Social TV 28.02.17 [YouTube 2:51}
Voices from the conference on 50 years of occupation that was held in the Knesset on February 15. The conference was attended also by ambassadors of the European Union and representatives of various countries.

B’Tselem: Israel does not compensate Palestinians for collateral damage – Yonah Jeremy Bob – The Jerusalem Post 08.03.17
Over the past 20 years, Israel has ‘taken measures to guarantee a nearly blanket exemption from its obligation under international law to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by its security forces,’ the report said.

‘Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security Forces’ – B’Tselem report March 2017
See summary of report here [includes three challenging videos 2:10, 3:34, 3:07] and download pdf of full report here.

And see: Occupation therapy 1 March 7, 2017

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