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Although President Trump’s bottom line at his recent press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu was that he would be happy with whatever solution Israelis and Palestinians may agree on, he did start some definitional hares running again. ‘One-state solution’ or ‘two-state solution’ mean different things to different people. They also do not exhaust the range of solutions considered for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (e.g. a variety of binational, confederational, territorial exchange and regional options have been proposed).

Day before Netanyahu arrives, Australia backs 2-state solution – Ralph Ahren – The Times of Israel 21.02.17
Turnbull says both sides must return to negotiations, voices support for Palestinian statehood, Israeli security.

Jordan’s King Abdullah and Egypt’s Sisi say two-state solution non-negotiable – i24News 21.02.17

3 alternatives to two-state or one-state solution for Mideast peace – Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor 20.02.17
Very few on the Israeli right support one state in which all citizens, Israeli and Palestinian (both from Gaza and the West Bank), can vote and have equal rights. Among them, only president Reuven Rivlin believes that all Palestinians should get equality and full voting rights. Since PM Netanyahu’s meeting in Washington, some Israelis have intensified efforts to develop alternatives to the single-state or two-state solutions.

Two options presented by president Trump, Israel chooses the horrific one-state solution – Ben-Dror Yemini – Jewish Business News 20.02.17
‘The Israeli Right is insisting on portraying Israel as rejectionist, fuelling the BDS industry of lies and enacting laws with zero benefit and endless damage.’

Let’s talk about a one-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians are equal – Yousef Munnayer – Time 18.02.17
A Palestinian view. Scepticism about the viability of a two-state solution is increasing… ‘Since the Palestinians will never wilfully agree to further dispossession, there are few options remaining; forced displacement, continuing the status quo ad infinitum, or equal rights for all. The first two options should be unacceptable to all in the 21st century. This leaves but one option left; equality for all.’

Bennett: My solution is annexation – Eliran Aharon – Arutz Sheva 20.02.17
Israel’s Education Minister speaks to Conference of Presidents, says he’s ‘sure Netanyahu will keep his word.’

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