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More evidence of attitudes to the wrongful killing of Palestinians has also been emerging during the trial of Sgt Elor Azaria for the manslaughter of Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in Hebron and will be covered in future posts.

Unarmed Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces at military post near Ramallah – Ma’an News Agency 26.08.16
38-year-old Iyad Zakariya Hamed was married and a father of three. He was not found to have any weapons on him when searched.

And see:

In Israel, a dead Arab evokes just one big yawn – Gideon Levy – Haaretz 28.08.16
No one bats an eye over Friday’s killing of an innocent man by an Israeli soldier. It’s not terror, or apartheid, or racism or dehumanization. It’s only killing a subhuman.

‘Reasonable suspicion’ leads to death of Palestinian who went to buy cookies
– Amira Hass – Haaretz 30.07.16
Three friends driving through A-Ram at night came under fire from Border Policemen, who killed one of them and wounded another. The policemen felt threatened, the authorities claim.

Israeli police and Palestinians August 9, 2016

IDF ‘mistakenly’ kills Palestinian boy, injures others
June 25, 2016

Inexcusable killing not on one side only
July 9, 2015

How were pregnant Palestinian and her brother killed?
May 3, 2015

What enquiries, what outcomes, and when?
January 12, 2016

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