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Israel police chief says it is natural to suspect Ethiopians of crime – Peter Beaumont – The Guardian 31.08.16
Roni Alsheich condemned for comments, which come against backdrop of complaints by Ethiopian Jews over how their community is policed. But Israel’s public security minister says Alsheikh did not defend ‘over-policing’ or racial profiling of Ethiopian-Israelis. ‘He did exactly the opposite and courageously said that there is a problem that the police are addressing.’

Ethiopian-Israeli soldiers threaten to refuse reserve duty
– Sue Surkes – The Times of Israel 01.09.16
Soldiers from several elite units announce civil disobedience over police chief’s controversial comments on anti-Ethiopian bias. Channel 10 quotes figures revealing that during Alsheich’s tenure as top cop, the number of cases against Ethiopian-Israelis has gone down.

Ethiopians permanent suspects
– Ynetnews 31.08.16
In an open letter to Police Commissioner Alsheikh, Danny Adeno Abebe, an Israeli of Ethiopian descent, takes umbrage with being labelled part of a minority who should expect to be suspected; the commissioner’s forebears were immigrants, too, after all. ‘I have three children, they are Israelis with curly hair and now they are suspects in your eyes because they are black.’

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State panel on eradicating racism against Ethiopian-Israelis issues 53 recommendations – Sharon Pulwer – Haaretz 01.08.16
Recommendations include equipping police with body cameras, limiting use of stun guns in areas with many Ethiopian residents and combatting racism in government ministries.

An Ethiopian Israeli speaks from the heart
June 7, 2015

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