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Between power and health care cuts, conditions have deteriorated to the point where the Strip may be ‘unlivable’, according to a UN official

Gaza may already be ‘unlivable,’ UN official warns
Robert Piper defends PA move to slash salaries for idle workers but says power and healthcare cuts making conditions in Strip worse (AFP/Times of Israel, July 11)

Gaza’s last power plant just shut down, plunging the strip into darkness
Gaza’s last functioning turbine has been closed, leaving the strip without almost any power (DPA/Haaretz, July 12)

If we ever get 24 straight hours of electricity, it’ll be a culture shock’
With the electricity crisis far from being over, Gaza resident Ghada Al-Haddad recalls that the dire situation in the Strip is not a temporary exigency, but rather a culmination of a persistent reality that has developed over a decade of closure (+972, July 14)

Hamas marks ten years of misruling Gaza
Hamas runs the strip as an increasingly corrupt and oppressive one-party state, with a strictly controlled press and a nervous populace who clam up or look over their shoulders before talking about the government (Economist, July 13)

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