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For first time in decade, Israel plans to expand Jewish settlement in Hebron – Yotam Berger – Haaretz 22.08.16
The land envisioned for limited new civilian housing was seized by Israel in 1983 for military purposes and, whatever arguments there may be about international law, an Israeli High Court decision (Elon Moreh 1979) forbade using land expropriated for military purposes for civilian settlements. Some of this land may have been owned by Jews before 1948 but the High Court decision would require the military use to be ended, and Jewish ownership to be proved, before it could be used for civilian purposes. Even then, any settlement expansion in Hebron would have serious political consequences. Peace Now: ‘The settlement in Hebron is the most extreme and callous of all, and the Netanyahu government is trampling [Israeli] legal standards to build a settlement exactly where the occupation and separation are the most callous and severe.’

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Israel’s provocation in Hebron debunks Netanyahu’s call for talks – Haaretz Editorial 23.08.16
By approving new Jewish construction at one of the conflict’s worse flashpoints, Israel is playing a legal game that can only end with more anger and hatred.

1970 document confirms Israeli deception re key West Bank settlements July 30, 2016

Re-mapping of ‘state land’ aids settlement project in West Bank
June 5, 2016

Netanyahu misleads again on settlement expansion
April 19, 2016

Netanyahu caves in to right-wing MKs over Hebron settlement expansion
January 25, 2016

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