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AFTER HE MANAGED to bribe three van drivers to load their vehicles with aid supplies and drive him and his crew from the San Juan airport, Eli Rowe felt his humanitarian mission was off to a good start. Gas was scarce in Puerto Rico, but now all the food, medicine and hygienic supplies he had flown over from the mainland was making it into the Caribbean island’s capital.

Then he laid eyes on the city. It was devastated. “We saw sheer destruction everywhere,” said Rowe, the CEO of Jet911, a service that arranges emergency medical flights. “Roofs were off, buildings were destroyed, houses were destroyed, there was flooding in the middle of the street, stores were abandoned.”

FULL STORY Puerto Rico’s Jews turn to helping neighbours ravaged by Hurricane Maria (Times of Israel)

Photo: Eli Rowe’s team delivers supplies to the San Juan Chabad, as well as to vulnerable areas throughout Puerto Rico’s capital (Rowe/via JTA)

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