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Israeli police complain that Netanyahu’s travels (recently to the US, Singapore and Australia) are delaying their investigations into him, criminal and otherwise. Further questioning under caution this week was interrupted by a call from Trump – and Netanyahu is now off to Russia.

Is Putin Bibi’s new ‘bestie’? – Arad Nir – Al-Monitor 06.03.17
Netanyahu and Putin have developed a surprising rapport and unexpected coordination between their countries on Syria. But a permanent Iranian presence in Syria would cross a strategic red line for Israel.

The Trump-Russia black box rattles the Middle East – Shmuel Rosner – Jewish Journal 02.03.17
Can Israel trust the American administration to keep Israel’s secrets from the Russians? Should Netanyahu not assume that what he shares with Trump will find its way to Vladimir Putin?

Why Iran won’t work as a bargaining chip between Russia, US – Julia Sveshnikova – Al-Monitor 03.03.17
Russia and Iran have enough overlapping interests to keep their relationship strong, even if the United States tries to interfere.

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