Reckless incitement against Bedouin citizens of Israel


Yes, there is Jewish incitement (and terrorism) too.

Israeli Bedouin stigmatised by terrorist narrative – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 24.02.17
The damage being caused to Bedouin citizens of Israel as a result of irresponsible incitement by ministers, Knesset members and senior police officers is enormous.

And see:

10 key questions Israel Police must answer following deadly clashes in bulldozed Bedouin town – Yaniv Kubovich – Haaretz 26.02.17
What senior police officials say any inquiry about events in Umm al-Hiran must address.

Minister backs down further re killing of Bedouin teacher and father at Umm al-Hiran February 22, 2017

Bedouin honor IDF service, mourn fallen soldiers April 29, 2015


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