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AMANDA HERRING EASILY recalls what she considers one of the most creative Shabbat dinners she has ever attended.

It was an event entitled “Thank G-d, It’s Fried-Egg: Bob’s Burgers Shabbat,” referring to the animated TV comedy about a family running a burger joint in New York City.

The hosts — dressed up as Bob and Linda Belcher, the parents in the show — used a social network called Feastly to coordinate the Manhattan dinner in January 2016. Guests signed up online to get the address and time, learn more about the hosts, RSVP, and glance at the menu, which included the event’s eponymous burger as well as “Home for the Challah Days” burger, among others.

It is dinners like these, Herring said, that eventually led her to become a so-called coach for OneTable, which had partnered with Feastly to accomplish its mission: get millennials hooked on the Shabbat ritual, whatever form it might take (such as the “To Err is Cumin” burger).

Leaning on modernity in the form of an iOS app, blogs stuffed with GIFs, and aggressive social media practices, OneTable aims to engage under-affiliated Jews in their 20s and 30s in one of Judaism’s oldest and defining rituals — and have them make a habit of it.

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Photo: A OneTable dinner hosted by Erica Mitchell in New York City, November, 2015. (Courtesy OneTable/David Joshua Ford)

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