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Former Israeli chief rabbi compares Syria atrocities to Holocaust – Ynet News/AP 06.04.17
Drawing the comparison between Jewish victims and Syrian victims, Rabbi Meir Lau, himself a Holocaust survivor, suggested Israel should intervene to stop the bloodshed to its north: “This is certainly a ‘Shoah’ of the Syrian people and it did not start today.”

We must rediscover our conscience and act on this horror now – Peter Wertheim – Daily Telegraph 06.04.17
For the majority of people now living, there is no personal or immediate family connection to the World War II era. Yet we want the world to remember, understand, and to draw the appropriate lessons from that time. Includes video [11:11].

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Changing perceptions between countries at war, Israel treats thousands of wounded Syrians – Sam McNeil – The Times of Israel 08.04.17
Jewish state has helped 3,000 patients so far, and expects needs may increase amid fallout from US strike on Assad airbase.

Amid chemical weapons attack fury, Israeli aid workers aim to help Syrian refugees – Dana Regev – DW (Deutsche Welle) 05.04.17
As the suspected chemical attack in Syria prompts international outrage, one neighboring country from the south has joined the condemnations. But how much can Israeli individuals do, and should the country intervene? Includes video [2:44].

Netanyahu seeks buffer zones on Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 07.04.17
Netanyahu wants buffer zones to be part of any future deal to end Syrian civil war, to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from establishing foothold; discusses issue with Trump administration, other international actors.



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