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THE ZIONIST ORGANISATION of America has announced that Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart and a former adviser to President Trump, would speak at its annual gala.

Liberal Jews protested that Bannon has fanned the anti-Semitism of the “alt-right.” Conservatives replied by citing all the Jews Breitbart has employed, and Bannon’s support for moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem. Far from being an anti-Semite, they insisted, he loves and admires Jews.

Problem is, the conservatives are right. Bannon does love Jews. But that love is inseparable from his hostility toward Muslims. Breitbart runs story after story with headlines like 6,000 Child Abuse Allegations in Muslim Grooming Gang, and Political Correctness Protects Muslim Rape Culture, and Malaysia Opens Muslim-Only Laundromat to Ensure ‘Purity’ of Clothing.

Bannon has personally celebrated the fact that, historically, the “Judeo-Christian West[’s] struggle against Islam” kept Muslims out of Europe. And he’s questioned whether Muslims who adhere to Sharia can be “integrated into a society where you have the rule of law.”

The implication is that, because Jews and Christians are more capable than Muslims of upholding liberal democratic norms, America’s fate rests on ensuring that these more advanced groups remain numerically and politically dominant.

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