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First-person responses from Palestinians and former Israeli soldiers provide sobering portraits, as does an exhibition in Tel Aviv

Voices from either side of the West Bank wall
Palestinians and former Israeli soldiers speak candidly on the effect the barrier has on their lives, 15 years after the Israelis started building it (Vice, July 13)

Tel Aviv art show exposes the aesthetic of the occupation
It’s rare to see an exhibition in which equal weight is given to both the Palestinian-Israeli narrative and the Jewish-Israeli one (Haaretz, July 13)

My family in Gaza tells me: We can’t breathe
They’ve given up trying to sleep in the suffocating heat, but that’s not all Gazans are giving up hope for: “The war is coming. I’m beginning to believe I’m going to die before I even experience living.” (Haaretz, July 17)

My village is under threat. I’m not giving up hope
The residents of Umm al-Khair have been robbed of humanity and justice. We have the right to live without the constant threat of demolition, to have enough clean water, and to live without fear (+972, July 16)

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