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If America steps back, Israeli analysts are worried that Russia will seize the vacuum

Syria Ceasefire: Israel will have to live with Russian dominance on its border
Z’VI BAREL US and Russia have shared interests in pushing Iran and its militias, like Hezbollah, out of the area. Israel assunmes that American departure will leave stage completely open for Russia (Haaretz, July 9)

As Syria ceasefire begins, Netanyahu warns of Iranian entrenchment on Israel’s border
JONATHAN LIS Netanyahu says both Russian and US leaders have assured him that they will take Israeli interest into account vis-à-vis the cease-fire in Syria (Haaretz, July 9)

South Syria truce seeks to allay Israel, Jordan fears about Iran
Jerusalem and Amman worry Tehran aims to carve out a Shiite-controlled land corridor through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean (Times of Israel, July 8)

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