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Security forces are unsure how far to go to prevent more violence following Friday’s shootings.

Israel, Muslim Temple Mount authority up a tree without a ladder – and no American safety net
The Trump administration doesn’t seem capable of, or even interested in, delving into the nitty-gritty of the Temple Mount’s status quo (Haaretz, July 17)

After Temple Mount attack, Netanyahu and Abbas work together for once
BARAK RAVID Netanyahu and Abbas both acted responsibly to prevent a holy war; but the Arab world’s condemnation of Israel is a reason for concern (Haaretz, July 16)

Israelis Killing Israelis
GIDEON LEVY The shooting of two police officers on the Temple Mount has a motive, a reason and deep roots. But discussing them is considered treason and a justification of terror (Haaretz, July 16)

Temple Mount killers aimed to set the Middle East ablaze
AVI ISSACHAROFF Arab Israeli trio selected the most resonant site in the region; they expected to die, and to trigger much more bloodshed (Times of Israel, July 14)

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Macron urges Netanyahu to establish two states with Jerusalem as their capital
In ceremony honouring the victims of a mass deportation of French Jews to Nazi camps, French President Emmanuel Macron calls on Netanyahu to resume peace talks and establish two states with Jerusalem as their capital (AP/Ynet July 16)

Netanyahu: Israel opposes Syria ceasefire deal
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters after his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday that Israel opposes the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria that the United States and Russia reached because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country (Haaretz, July 16)

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