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Palestine: The end of the Bedouins? – David Shulman – The New York Review of Books 07.12.16
For centuries, all the political regimes of the Middle East have tried, with varying success, to get the Bedouin to come to rest on the land. But in Israel and in the occupied territories we see, alongside this familiar policy, persistent attempts to uproot Bedouin populations who have already settled on the land, sometimes generations ago, and who usually have clear claims to ownership of these sites. [David Shulman is the Renee Lang Professor of Humanistic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an activist in Ta’ayush, Arab-Jewish Partnership. He was awarded the Israel Prize for Religious Studies in 2016.]

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For Beduin, Amona deal contrasts with razing of their homes – Ben Lynfield – The Jerusalem Post 19.12.16
Daniel Jonas, of planning rights NGO Bimkom: ‘A person doesn’t build illegally because he wants to. He does so because he has children he has to take care of and he knows the chances particularly in the Negev and East Jerusalem to get a permit approach zero.’

Dispossession of Palestinian agricultural land in the West Bank
December 10, 2016

US, UN, EU, opposition MKs condemn Israeli conduct in Area C, East Jerusalem
July 30, 2016

David Shulman’s must-watch video
May 24, 2016

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