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One Nation, climate denial and those Jewish bankers – Prof. Clive Hamilton – The Conversation 07.07.16
Malcolm Roberts, the newly elected One Nation Senator from Queensland, sees the world through the eyes of the archetypal conspiracist. Even climate change sceptic Andrew Bolt has disassociated himself from the Galileo Movement, of which Roberts is a leader, for peddling a view that ‘smacks too much of the Jewish world conspiracy theorising I’ve always loathed.’

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Please don’t explain: Hanson 2.0 and the war on experts – Patrick Stokes – The Conversation 07.07.16
‘Hanson’s racist agenda will be a stain on the Senate just as surely as the views she represents are a stain on Australia itself. For that reason alone, her return is a cause for dismay. But it is not the only cause. Both Hanson and her wider party have a vocal sideline in science denialism: the view that expert consensus on various topics is corrupted and unreliable.’

On the Frontline: Climate Change & Rural Communities
– Lauren Rickards, Lesley Hughes & Will Steffen – new Climate Council report 09.08.16
Climate change is worsening extreme weather events such as bushfires and drought and rural and regional communities will continue to be disproportionately affected.

Attempt to hide Oz climate change threats misfires
May 31, 2016

NASA calls Middle East drought ‘worst in 900 years’
May 17, 2016

World Zionist Organisation takes climate action, opposes fossil fuels
December 12, 2015

Israel at Paris Climate Conference
December 1, 2015

Climate Change – a “threat multiplier”
September 27, 2015

Why Climate Change Is a Jewish issue
June 29, 2015

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