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Netanyahu’s ‘apartheid’ vision for Israel’s future – Haaretz 29.10.15
PM Netanyahu presented his current political vision to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee this week. While saying he does not want a bi-national state, Netanyahu stressed that Israel ‘must control the entire area for the foreseeable future.’  ‘No security argument or warnings about the effects of Islam can whitewash the implications of this vision. Netanyahu’s words should shock anyone who is concerned about the justice of Israel’s cause and the country’s future. Concerned people should unite and form a national salvation front that will work to replace this government.’
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And see:Netanyahu marks Rabin murder with nightmare prophecy of Israel’s future – Bradley Burston – Haaretz 27.10.15
Now, all these years later, I have to force myself to remember that nothing is forever. Not even Netanyahu.

What’s in a word? – “Apartheid”

We have been given a frightful glimpse into Netanyahu’s mind – David Grossman – The Guardian 27.10.15

Why Netanyahu won’t approve a Palestinian state – Ralph Ahren – The Times of Israel 28.10.15
Despite PM’s repeated calls for new negotiations, and support in principle for a two-state solution, recent statements underline his deep-rooted belief that, for ‘the foreseeable future,’ Palestine is a non-starter

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