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After Duma, a very narrow bridge for Naftali Bennett – Elie Leshem – The Times of Israel 27.12.15
As the political leader of Orthodox Zionism freely admits, the existence of Jewish terrorism threatens to upend all that his community has toiled to build… If Bennett and co maintain that Palestinian terrorism, even in the midst of a decades-long territorial dispute, comes from Islam, where does Israeli terrorism come from?
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Who’s to blame for the acts of Israel’s extreme right fringe? – Ravit Hecht – Haaretz 27.12.15
Right-wing condemnations of the shocking wedding video reflect a hypocrisy that is disingenuous and lacking awareness… Those who accepted the legal anomaly of the settlements from Day 1 and even encouraged them are suddenly looking in the mirror at the ugliest parts of their faces

Note: Although the Levy Report expressed opinion that settlements not illegal under international law, it confirmed as still valid in 2012 all main findings of the 2005 Sasson Report about support at all levels of government for settlement activity that was illegal under domestic law – See: A harsh indictment – Yehudit Karp – Haaretz 27.11.12

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