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Think tanks beg: Give us war – Hannah Gais – LobeLog 27.10.16
Hillary Clinton’s impassioned defense of a no-fly zone in Syria last Wednesday may not have won her many friends in certain wings of the Democratic Party, but it spoke to at least one group: America’s foreign-policy establishment (referred to as ‘the Blob’ by White House foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes).

And see: Putin’s chaos strategy is coming back to bite him in the ass – Mark Galeotti – Foreign Policy 26.10.16
The Russian president has sown confusion and conflict around the world the past two years. But his shortsighted meddling isn’t the work of a mastermind. The Russian foreign policy elite fear Washington is preparing to call Moscow’s bluffs in the Middle East and Europe and also push harder on a wavering European Union to maintain and even step up pressure on Russia.

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