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Some breakfasts are more difficult to swallow than others. And so, given a recent speech by a certain American president, the attending foreign ministers at the EU meeting in Brussels this week could have been forgiven for letting their thoughts drift — perhaps to the occupied Palestinian territories.

They may well have asked themselves some of the questions Israeli governments have consistently refused to address, such as: given how Israel’s grasp over the West Bank is being further cemented, why does Netanyahu’s government even bother to pay lip service to the “peace process?”

And isn’t Israel’s policy of forced displacement of Palestinians from parts of the occupied territories a war crime? How many hours of electricity a day does Israel plan to ration for the two million Palestinians living at its doorstep in the Gaza Strip next week? And, embassy fanfare aside, what about the 370,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem, living with no political rights since Israel’s annexation half a century ago?

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