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Trump struggles in first debate with Clinton – will it cost him? – Adam Quinn – The Conversation 27.09.16
Tens of millions of people who ultimately tuned in were given a stark view of Trump’s deep – many would say disqualifying – flaws. If part of the test was whether the candidates ‘looked presidential’, it was glaringly obvious by the end that a Trump presidency would radically redefine what that means.

Lies, damned lies and last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
– Jane Eisner – The Forward 27.09.16
As our political culture has declined, the worst casualty is the simple acceptance that we should honour the truth. As the humorist Andy Borowitz predicted a few days ago: ‘Trump Warns That Clinton Will Rig Debate by Using Facts.’ Includes 3 brief but telling video extracts [0:29, 2:35, 0:55].

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Meet Donald Trump’s Jewish architect who’s helping Hillary Clinton – Talya Zax – The Forward 08.07.16
Trump’s failure to pay Manhattan-based Jewish architect Andrew Tesoro was referred to by both candidates in the first presidential debate.

The top 6 Jewish moments from the first Trump-Clinton debate  – Ron Kampeas – Jewish Journal 27.09.16

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