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In interview with an Israeli newspaper, the US president also said he didn’t consider settlements “a good thing for peace”.

Trump to Israeli paper: Settlements are ‘not a good thing for peace’ (Times of Israel)
US President Donald Trump does not believe settlements help the peace process and does not consider settlements “a good thing for peace,” he told an Israeli newspaper Friday, in his most direct comments on the matter since his inauguration

Trump: Palestinians aren’t committed to making peace – but I’m not sure Israel is either (Haaretz)
US President Donald Trump said in an interview published Sunday that Israeli settlements in the West Bank complicate the task of making peace with the Palestinians.

Trump, who spoke in an interview with Israel Hayom newspaper, also said that he is not sure Israel and the Palestinians are committed to reaching a peace agreement.

According to Trump, “both sides will have to make significant compromises in order to achieve a peace deal.”

Trump tells Israel peace means compromise; US envoy under fire (Jerusalem Post)
In an interview with an Israeli newspaper that was excerpted ahead of its full publication on Sunday, Trump described his Jerusalem move as a “high point” of his first year in office.


Photo: Trump meets Abbas in Bethlehem in May 21017 (AP)

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