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What Trumpiness and occupation denial have in common – Chaim Landau – Haaretz 26.10.16
The even-less-grounded cousin of truthiness is infecting US political discourse. In Israel, where most Israeli politicians and citizens avoid the term ‘occupation’ like the plague, it’s about to mark its fiftieth year.

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Opposing the occupation means being anti-Israel, to Netanyahu – Mairav Zonszein – +972 Magazine 23.10.16
The Israeli right has worked very hard to erase any distinction between Israel and the occupation — between Ariel and Acre, Hebron and Haifa. Ironically, this is the same thing Netanyahu accuses Palestinians of trying to do.

“Don’t mention the occupation”
October 17, 2015

Secret ingredient of the right’s indignation: occupation-denial
May 26, 2015

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