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Ultra-Orthodox parties plan bill to block private conversions ruling – Yair Ettinger – Haaretz 03.04.16
Shas and United Torah Judaism will attempt to block the High Court’s recent ruling that recognises private Orthodox conversions in Israel.
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Sharansky: Western Wall plan at risk of ‘falling apart’ if negotiations reopened – Judy Maltz – Haaretz 04.04.16
Major changes could ‘undermine the level of trust that has been established between the prime minister and the leaders of world Jewry,’ Jewish Agency chairman tells Haaretz.

Who is to blame for collapse of Kotel prayer deal? – Shulamit S. Magnus – The Forward 05.04.16

Government gets 3-month extension for new Western Wall plaza plan – The Times of Israel 05.04.16

Israel’s A-G says Mikveh bill unconstitutional March 22, 2016


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